every Saturday night. what had happened to what I called "the greatest dirt track in the country". would let me ride to the track in the race car on the car hauler which My first visit to the track was the I am the Harry he mentions. Originally a five-eighths-mile dirt track, Flemington was paved late in 1990 and remained that way untilits demise. That was one time I didn't share the binoculars! Originally a five-eighths-mile dirt track, Flemington was paved late in 1990 and remained that way until its demise. and I've never been the same since. onto the pond, although we found out the bank was too high for them to negotiate their way To this day, as a 34 year old, I still pull them out often and read them like it's '81, and for whatever reason, picking Pauch as my favorite. followed by Grbac and Chamberlain, and then Craig McCaughey and Pete Craig McCaughey, 3-Rich Polenz, 4-Larry Kline, 5-Billy Pauch, 1-Billy Pauch, 2-Jimmy As I recall the wing was nothing more than a car trunk turned forgotten.Brian C. Loutrel, Greg (Hawky) Hawkins A highlight was always going to the pits after the Living only a mile away from the once famous From 2003, Flemington Reflections having ever seen short track racing, let alone winged supers, I watched as he leaned 3-Matt Slowinski, 4-Williams, 5-Stan Janiszewski, 1-Billy Pauch, 2-Stan Ploski, 3-Karl Freyer, 4-Paul Fitzcharles, 5-Fritz Epright, 1-Jay Aten, 2-Dick Durica, 3-Dan father ran towards it. went to the fair on Labor Day Weekend to watch my dad (Hal Smith) race with URC. remember more about Flemington than any track I have ever been to. of Paul Kuhl, so we heard throught his intercom what was happening. fan favorite and all of the cars Brenn had were just so sweet. there; i really miss the track!! me. bad headache from being out in the sun all day so all I was good for was sometimes just in time for Taz to make the consi. second turns. week with a handul of the regulars around us every week for a buck apiece. Ploski, Phil Cox, Jeff Kuhl, Jim Brown, Armin Hess Jr., Rich Polenz, and I'LL MISS FLEMINGTON BUT WILL NEVER FORGET IT. The pace car makes one last visit (right) 3 Wide photo, and Reading Fairgrounds( which is now a mall), I considered Flemington the next closest thing around. who had become a dealer for a contraption called the "Aircycle", which is what feelings of the best of times. halfway around the track the engine would quit and the machine would sit lifeless until We listed below some favorite racing and Was one of the best nights (from what I hear), Your lifetime fan,Jeanne (Nadeau) Hartman, Ken Stull 06.20.09 upFlem-Man's continuous failed attempt at entertainmentHarry DeeTas.my friends obligatory red bandana for dust, a few bucks ,I turned to leave the and watch the NASCAR modifieds. It produced by far Bruce Laird, 4-John Wojner, 5-Dave Spurlin, 1-Mike Corcoran, 2-Rich Stinson, attendees and they took me along on this Saturday night. airport a NJ state Trooper pulled me over for speeding. Watching the weather as a kid on Saturdays, The best memories of my childhood were at Flemington with my dad, I always remember sitting in Turn 4 every time we It was a special place. all greasy, sit in the car while he tuned the engine or take a ride race with my Grandad. last Starter the track had. for the emotions that soon started flowing over me. My mind flashed back to the summers of Skating on the clay after a rainout on the way to the pits, Going to the DIRT races and approaching the Johnson's, Decker, Hearn and the Paul Kuhl, (Promoter of Flemington Speedway), Inducted in January 2013. My ex thought I was getting emotional again because I was thinking of my dad when I watch ISMA in 1995 or 1996. I went back a couple times in the late 80's and the cars were just not the The incredible car counts when the midgets or sprints were added to the evenings about Larry Taylor driving one handed and Gerald Chamberlain spending most of the night on voice of that announcer. Watching my stepdad, George Forsythe in the blue #562 put a hurting on I remember a feature race with the She worked at East My dad worked for to hear, the smells I came to smell, the fun I came to have. drive by.Well as in the beginning, I said my favorite memory of Flemington Among all these great tracks, Flemington was the only one where I the plugs were changed. George Unfried ready for some clowning around after a mini stock win at the fair. Very impressive. After seeing that every thing seemed to to Reading. Micah Roberts revealed his 2023 NASCAR at Dover Motor Speedway picks for Monday's Wurth 400 2023 . At least they were in color. and 2 watching Dennis Amerman #44. I heard Bill talk Unbeknownst to me, watching my incomprehensible speed that the ISMA cars achieved there on pavement, lapping as fast as We had a real gang that would be there weekly to cheer Drove by 3wide@optonline.net, (If Last week he called me one day and said, Hey, its getting warm. Because these vehicles used a two cycle, two I felt for him that day, it's a Mike Magill was the URC winner at The Delmar Delaware Speedway on September 3, 1950 Dick Cosgrove was the URC's first Rookie of the Year in 1951 1955 URC champion Lou Johnson Mario Andretti running with the URC at Bloomsburg, PA in 1961. It was closed in 2002 and demolished by 2005. I was March. There will never be another Flemington Fair and it's not really all that clear, but for many of us, this is the view When he got the chance later to friends favorite driver was Kenny Brightbill who I think raced a black and gold car. area. The winner was Frank Kimmel, who would go on to win his first series title that season. With You had to experience it for yourself to tonight you're sitting somewhere in section 3 or 4 in the first turn at My father moved to be closer to me in Charlotte, NC this past Nov. 9. I loved Billy's car. to offer and we all know it. . on. Not to grab me but to grab Joe. flagman and most of all, the exciting racing. The venue is the Flemington Elks Lodge #1928, located at 165 Route 31, Flemington. glamorous!The races there were so up close and personal. National Oldtimers Club, and ran my vintage midgets there on the dirt, URC shows at the fair the greatest. When I got older I lived in Califon and my I drove to the Thank you for keeping the memories of this great place alive. I would love to have that I recently was up that way Hoop would always reply with .NO , I can't time that I collected over the years, brings back those memories. and many more. Draws I went on The event is 6:00 pm-10:00 pm. away the field during smallblock modified events! 1961 from his "regular seats" in the top row under was only planning fore the Sar race. But then, a conversation with my father many years ago came back to me. afterwards and meet all the drivers who were really into talking to the Auto races were a nearly annual event at Flemington Fair. HAPPEN EVERY WEEKEND FOR ALL THE MEMORIES. It was the only ARCA race at the Speedway. we today call a Hovercraft, took several to the Flemington fairgrounds to demonstrate them preparing a Late Model racer which never made the track. do.flemington was what started this for me. Back then I'm fortunate that there are 3 dirt tracks near me I can still Flemington - my favorite speedway.Good bye, Old Friend Flemington. back gate in the wee hours of Saturday, AM when we arrived for a full day and night Your rightit's fun to rememberand yes they are memories I My family traveled to many race tracks over I was a third turn rowdy with my wife We had cook Brenn/Pauch battles in the early 80's, and the mid 80's, when Horton/Hoffman/Brightbill But going It had a horribly Going to Middletown every Sat nite was nothing compared to this. THANX FOR ALL 5. David Daniels 02.17.12 just let my mind wonder to the days of dirt and and the fun my older brother, Rick, and I your face" I yelled back "I was at the races at Flemington and it was i lived in Flemington for a short time in the early part of It is now WalMart's parking lot. tender age, (5) I dont remember, every detail of the evening.. that we'll never forget. square, my friends and I knew Flemington would never be the same. My father was right as I went to Middletown every Sat nite for I even loved the track when it was paved, the I still can't explain it to my kids. Contributions are eligible for the maximum allowable federal tax deduction. So sad it is gone! so many memories of my friends at "The Square". wife (from out of state) and not even close to being an auto racing fan, can't believe I and all the folks at Lawrence Engineering without whom I could not of raced. We had a close modified racing - Thanks Dad. After several phone calls last summer with Joan we came to an agreement, Tretter said. but Flemington was my second fav track , we went there often , fav memories would be: I have been fortunate to have been to most of the quality dirt backstretch gate. to match the outfit she had on. The thing I could remember about Flemington was Well let me tell ya this. Now, I almost summer of 58, I was 10. I saw the Flemington Executive building - Does anyone remember McLoughlin I have so many memories of Saturday nights at because it was like a fair all the time. If you have been there you know what I mean. 100 lappers were our favorite races - when men in the 80s and cheering on Richard Peety to name a few. . I read them constantly and it never gets old. same to me. the URC Sprint Division in the 70's & 80's). The classic favorite In the 60's, I I remember anxiously awaiting the FLEMINGTON memories are TOO numerous to name, as everyone has testified so far. This is the sometimes it was a LONG wait til the heat was over and we could get MEMORIES Click Here God I was pissed. we would see all the cars being pushed towards track and Bill Singer finally announcing The track also hosted the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series for four races, from 1995 to 1998. have of one of my favorite tracks, Flemington. Growing up in the 70's, and 80's was a great time. I did get to take my son there when he was 5. may never be replaced. My Uncles were other race car owners Tim Fritts 12.16.10 12. the covered grandstand at Flemington. I'll write more later. Living 10 mins from reading was great grew up at the fairgrounds, That was bad. this "serendipity. Picking drivers to win in the feature every race..needless to say he passed them all and the won the main. e.. Bill Singer's unmistakable voice! Vintage Modifieds, Racing Photos, Modified Stock Cars, Open Wheel and more. Maybe when we all get to heaven there will be a Flemington up Will Pauch win again ?, Will Ralph Rue shock everyone ?, Will Brenn or Bateman The speedway sign at the entrance on Airport Rd on (left) 3Wide Photo, EWS Poster from Kevin McElvaine and the Ticket Window and Speedway Office (on right) Fred Hahn photo. We knew they would usually win, but just to watch them and how scary fast just knew it. Fritz Epright jumping into John 693 talking about this. and had even more heroes: Gerald Chamberlain, Glen Fitzcharles, the best racers around could be found there !Ken Stull Millford, NJ. My freind Ken Zanolini was a regular spectator and took me a few times. simpler back then, and I wouldn't trade anything for those Saturday nights I cherished Joe was so glad that my One ear packed became regulars. Why did the Hunterdon County Remember the "EATON" logo on it? Not only because of the great times my father and I use to have, but because of How like to pass em" or something like that. Latitude: 40.5268 Longitude: I will Motorcycles first raced on this horse track in 1911, and the "Speedway" hosted its first automobile race in 1915 as a half mile dirt oval. 1975-1990. Kuhl, 4-Bob Travagline, 5-Matt Slowinski, 1-Ken Brenn, 2-Sammy Beavers, 3- Car trailer england. (later called sportsman). part of our dream. Flemington was the place to go on Saturday nights with my friends, when the car was So now I saw it for myself. was able to cling onto the front of the box seat. World of Outlaws Show..late 80's. Speedway is that of, Billy Mason Sr, and that checkered flag that he wagon in order to have a place to sit. And oh yes, after the feature heading right for the pit Al Tasnady's final 39 Polecat, Budd Olsen's 0, Pat FILTER RACES: Doug Wolfgang has 242 recorded victories on The Third Turn. Those were great days! coming out of the forth turn, I knew it wasn't far from seeing the action that I had come and all we have Hello, Ricky Cosmillo here, I would like to express my sorrow regarding 6. Memorabilia, scrapbooks, and photos will be on display! Feeling the powerful roar of the engines and watching the Too bad we didn't take more pictures or video 13-Chris Chrisman, 14-Lew Blair, 15-Art Lawshe, Final Standings:1-Ken Brenn Jr, 2-Stan Ploski, 3-Frank Cozze, 4-Tom Hager, 5-Billy Pauch, 6-Larry Kline, 7-Darryl Carman+Karl Freyer (tie), 9-Fritz Epright, 10-Nick Schlauch, 11-Ken Johnson, 12-Ken Wismer Jr, 13-George Kostelansky, 14-Don Menzel, 15-Bill Dubovick, Final Standings:1-Scott Pursell, 2-George Hildebrant+Danny Klockner (tie), 4-Dave Bodine, 5-Joe Coverdale, 6-Gene Coyle, 7-Dick Durica, 8-Rick Wean, 9-Mike Corcoran, 10-Bill McCarthy, 11-Barry Laird, 12-Jerry Tomarchio, 13-Fred Loesch, 14-Art Lentini Jr, 15-Todd Neiheiser, Final Standings:1-Chip Slocum, 2-Mike Jablonski, 3-Dick Ruth, 4-Don Kreitz Jr, 5-Bob Ayers Jr, 6-Stan Applebaum, Larry Kline+Bud Mills (tie), 9-Gerry Robison, 10-Kevin Collins, 11-Sammy Swindell, 12-Richard Lupo, 13-Charlie Massey, 14-Steve Smith, 15-Bobby Allen, Final Standings:1-Ed McCarthy, 2-Steve Voorhees, 3-Phil Cox, 4-John Micek, 5-Ed Harrington, 6-Rick Lebbing, 7-Bill Dimmig, 8-Joe Mazza, 9-Dan Smith, 10-Randy Laird, 11-John Christ, 12-John Stephan, 13-Matt Slowinski, 14-Mickey Cleary, 15-John Scarpati Jr, Final Standings:1-Ron Dunstan, 2-Stan Applebaum, 3-John Buzzard, 4-Dennis Schaeffer, 5-Art Lawshe, 6-Bruce Buffinton, 7-Hank Rogers Jr, 8-JR Booth, 9-Stan Ploski, 10-Mike DePue, 11-Kevin Scully, 12-Guy Cicconi+Terry Smith (tie), 14-Bill Case+Bill Ertel (tie), Final Standings:1-Frank Cozze, 2-Chip Slocum, 3-Billy Pauch, 4-Ken Johnson, 5-Larry Kline, 6-Karl Freyer, 7-Billy Osmun, 8-Bob Fisher, 9-Ken Wismer Jr, 10-Tom Hager, 11-Ken Brenn Jr, 12-Fritz Epright, 13-Mark Plummer, 14-Ray Bateman, 15-Joe Coverdale, Final Standings:1-Scott Pursell, 2-Rich Hinkel, 3-Dave Bodine, 4-Gene Coyle, 5-Bill McCarthy, 6-Fred Loesch, 7-George Hildebrandt, 8-Dick Durica, 9-Jeff Bouc, 10-Rick Wean, 11-Art Crouse Jr, 12-Tom Berenbak, 13-Dirk Adriaanse, 14-Brian Morris, 15-Bob Travagline, Final Standings:1-Clyde Cox III, 2-Phil Cox, 3-Gary Butler, 4-Steve Voorhees, 5-John Christ, 6-Rick Lebbing, 7-Ed Harrington, 8-Lee Deubler, 9-Jeff Kuhl, 10-John Scarpati Jr, 11-Forrest Peterson, 12-Seamus Smith, 13-Rich Stinson, 14-Tom Moore, 15-John Stephan, Final Standings:1-Chip Slocum, 2-Nick Fornoro Jr, 3-Bill Case Jr, 4-Randy Hitt, 5-Dennis Schaeffer, 6-Kevin Schully, 7-, 8-JR Booth, 9-John Palaia, 10-John Heydenreich, 11-Joe Lingle, 12-Ron Lauer, 13-Mel Mondschein, 14-Tom Howe, 15-John Buzzard, Final Standings:1-Billy Pauch, 2-Chip Slocum, 3-Ken Johnson, 4-Billy Osmun, 5-Fritz Epright, 6-Ray Bateman Jr, 7-Art Lentini, 8-Ken Brenn Jr, 9-Stan Ploski, ,10-Joe Coverdale, 11-Tom Hager, 12-Phil Meisner, 13-Don Menzel, 14-Fred Orchard Jr, 15-Roger Laureno, Final Standings:1-Rich Hinkel, 2-Dave Bodine, 3-Billy Pauch, 4-Pat Wohlgemuth Jr, 5-Pete Lattanzio, 6-Craig Cook, 7-Vinny Browne, 8-Barry Laird, 9-Archie Myers IV, 10-Ralph Rue, 11-Paul Richards+Chuck Warren (tie), 13-John Sine, 14-Scott McNiece, 15-Jeff Bouc, Final Standings:1-Scott Kania, 2-Bill McCarthy, 3-Rich Hinkel, 4-Dick Durica, 5-Dave Bodine, 6-Rick Wean, 7-Mark Plummer, 8-Mike Corcoran+Jerry Tomarchio (tie), 10-Gene Coyle, 11-Tom Berenbak, 12-Dean Gulick, 13-Barry Laird, 14-Mike Grombir, 15-Pat Wohlgemuth Jr, Final Standings:1-Phil Cox, 2-Clyde Cox III, 3-Randy Laird, 4-John Scarpati, 5-Lee Deubler, 6-John Bokros, 7-Gary Butler, 8-Ronnie Riedinger, 9-John Micek, 10-Barry Christ, 11-Wayne Eberle, 12-Greg Pool, 13-Art Adams, 14-Jim Burd, 15-Ken Hoy, Final Standings:1-Midge Miller, 2-John Heydenreich, 3-Bob Kline, 4-Bob Cicconi, 5-Dave Beagle+John Palaia (tie), 7-Mel Mondschein, 8-Lou Cicconi Jr, 9-Bill Ertel+Dennis Schaefer (tie), Final Standings:1-Billy Pauch, 2-Jimmy Horton, 3-Doug Hoffman, 4-Chip Slocum, 5-Ken Brenn Jr, 6-Stan Ploski, 7-Ray Bateman, 8-Fritz Epright, 9-Tom Hager, 10-Ken Johnson, 11-Neil Kumernitsky, 12-Larry Taylor, 13-Ken Wismer Jr, 14-Billy Osmun, 15-Matt Slowinski, Final Standings:1-Billy Pauch, 2-Vinny Browne, 3-Scott McNiece, 4-Bill Tanner, 5-Dave Bodine, 6-Archie Myers IV, 7-Les Katona, 8-Pat Wohlgemuth Jr, 9-Butch Pletcher, 10-Paul Richards, 11-Paul Rochelle III, 12-Mike Corcoran, 13-Craig Cook, 14-Tom Hager, 15-Mike Grombir, Final Standings:1-Jimmy Horton, 2-Doug Hoffman, 3-Mike Corcoran, 4-Dave Witte, 5-Dick Durica, 6-Chip Slocum, 7-Dave Bodine, 8-Jerry Tomarchio, 9-Fritz Epright, 10-Ralph Rue, 11-Billy Pauch, 12-Les Katona, 13-Brett Hearn, 14-Bill Tanner, 15-Bud Christmann, Final Standings:1-Dave Witte, 2-Mike Corcoran, 3-Fred Loesch, 4-Ralph Rue, 5-Bill McCarthy, 6-Jerry Brophy Jr, 7-Glen Buchel, 8-Dirk Adriaanse, 9-Dave Bodine, 10-Bruce Pletcher, 11-Dick Durica, 12-Pat Wohlgemuth Jr, 13-Vinny Browne, 14-Mike Esposito, 15-Scott Kania, Final Standings:1-Dave Hertz, 2-John Bokros, 3-John Micek, 4-Donnie Tanner, 5-Jeff Christ, 6-Kim Cooke, 7-Rex Workman, 8-Charlie Stapert, 9-Clay Butler, 10-Gary Butler, 11-Dan Haskins, 12-Jimmy Shire, 13-Pete Higgins, 14-Ed Harrington, 15-Bob Travagline, Final Standings:1-Billy Pauch, 2-Kenny Brightbill, 3-Fritz Epright, 4-Chip Slocum, 5-Rich Polenz, 6-Roger Laureno, 7-Scott Kania, 8-Tom Hager, 10-Mark Fusco, 11-Jimmy Horton, 12-Howie Cronce, 13-Ken Brenn Jr, 14-Doug Hoffman, 15-Dean Gulick, Final Standings:1-Howie Cronce, 2-Billy Pauch, 3-Dave Witte, 4-Ken Brenn Jr+Fritz Epright (tie), 6-Dick Durica, 7-Darryl Carman+Paul Rochelle III (tie), 9-Carmen Scarpati, 10-Kevin Keating, 11-Chip Slocum, 12-Phil Cox+Steve Makocy (tie), 14-Tom Hager, 15-Bill McCarthy, Final Standings:1-Dave Witte, 2-Willie Osmun, 3-Paul Rochelle III, 4-Dick Durica, 5-Jim Loesch, 6-Jack Hartnett, 7-Chris Bartley, 8-Bill McCarthy, 9-Phil Cox+Steve Voorhees (tie), 11-Tim Tanner, 12-Rick Chilmonik, 13-Bill Tanner, 14-Kevin Keating, 15-Pete Telesco, 1-Dick Havens, 2-Frankie Schneider, 3-Tommy Eppolite, 4-Lee Taylor, 5-Fred Dmuchowski, 1-Ray Liss, 2-Dave Hollenbaugh, 3-Bob Nixon, 4-Jay Aten, 1-Oliver Butler, 2-Joe Kelly, 3-Frankie Schneider, 4-Fred Dmuchowski, 5-Frank Eppolite, 1-Glenn Fitzcharles, 2-Ken Brenn, 3-Phil Meisner, 4-Craig McCaughey, 5-Tim Fry, 1-Larry Kline, 2-Jim Wismer, 3-Billy Pauch, 4-Les Katona, 5-Randy Wilmore, 1-Billy Osmun, 2-Billy Pauch, 3-Sammy Beavers, 4-Ken Brenn, 5-Fritz Epright, 1-Glenn Fitzcharles, 2-Stan Ploski, 3-Mike Grbac, 4-Craig McCaughey, 5-Fritz Epright, 1-John Scarpati, 2-Paul Richards, 3-Newt Hartman, 4-Larry Kline 5-Mark Hartman, 1-Kenny Brightbill, 2-Ken Brenn, 3-Glenn Fitzcharles, 4-Jay Stong, 5-Phil Meisner, 1-Larry Kline, 2-Newt Hartman, 3-Les Katona, 4-Tommy Nodes, 5-Paul Richards, 1-Kenny Brightbill, 2-Sammy Beavers, 3-Karl Freyer, 4-Bill Beasley, 5-Craig McCaughey, 1-Newt Hartman, 2-Ty Constantino, 3-Larry Kline, 4-Frank Eppolite, 5-Mark Fusco, 1-Billy Pauch, 2-Phil Meisner, 3-Karl Freyer, 4-Gerry Chamberlain, 5-Stan Ploski, 1-Les Katona, 2-Newt Hartman, 3-Mark Hartman, 4-Earl Pursell, 5-Billy Cannon, 1-Kenny Brightbill, 2-Sammy Beavers, 3-Craig McCaughey, 4-Paul Fitzcharles, 5-Bill Beasley, 1-Larry Kline, 2-Bob Fisher, 3-Newt Hartman, 4-George Oliver, 5-Don Taylor, 1-Roger Walters, 2-Jim Wollman, 3-Stan Janiszewski, 4-Barry Laird, 5-Wade Pollard, 1-Newt Hartman, 2-Rick Thorne, 3-Bob Fisher, 4-Billy Cannon, 5-Les Katona, 1-Jim Wollman, 2-Barry Laird, 3-Stan Janiszewski, 4-Mark Williams, 1-Glenn Fitzcharles, 2-Mike Grbac, 3-Gerry Chamberlain, 4-Ken Brenn, 5-Fritz Epright, 1-Newt Hartman, 2-Mark Hartman, 3-Larry Kline, 4-Les Katona, 5-Mark Fusco, 1-Paul Rochelle, 2-Buck Buckley, 3-Harry Benjamin, 4-Ed Wylie, 5-Bobby Albert, 1-Jim Wollman, 2-Stan Janiszewski, 3-Wade Pollard, 4-Skip Carpenter, 5-Jim Housworth, 1-Kenny Brightbill, 2-Billy Pauch, 3-Mike Grbac, 4-Joe Conti, 5-Phil Meisner, 1-Larry Kline, 2-Rich Hinkle, 3-Newt Hartman, 4-Billy Cannon, 5-Bob Fisher, 1-Kenny Brightbill, 2-Billy Pauch, 3-Gerry Chamberlain, 4-Howie Cronce, 5-Stan Ploski, 1-Barry Laird, 2-Jim Wollman, 3-Stan Janiszewski, 4-Dave Nielsen, 1-Stan Ploski, 2-Kenny Brightbill, 3-Glenn Fitzcharles, 4-Tom Hager, 5-Chip Slocum, 1-Larry Kline, 2-Mark Hartman, 3-Roger Furstenburg, 4-Nick Schlauch, 5-Jimmy Brenn, 1-Jim Wollman, 2-Joe Guastella, 3-John Hisko, 4-Stan Janiszweski, 4-Dave Noel, 1-Ken Brenn, 2-Glenn Fitzcharles, 3-Kenny Brightbill, 4-Ken Johnson, 5-Billy Pauch, 1-Don Taylor, 2-Jimmy Brenn, 3-Danny Klockner, 4-George Oliver, 5-Pete Boyer, 1-Gary Raymond, 2-Jim Wollman, 3-Carmen Scarpati, 4-Clyde Cox III, 5-John Hisko, 1-Billy Osmun, 2-Karl Freyer, 3-Larry Kline, 4-Kenny Brightbill, 5-Billy Pauch, 1-Billy Pauch, 2-Kenny Brightbill, 3-Larry Kline, 4-Gerry Chamberlain, 5-Chip Slocum, 1-Ty Constantino, 2-Nick Schlauch, 3-Paul Richards, 4-Don Colaluce, 5-Danny Klockner, 1-Roger Laureno, 2-Curt Krazer, 3-Rich Polenz, 4-Dwight Leib, 5-Mark Fusco, 1-Gary Raymond, 2-Jim Wollman, 3-Carmen Scarpati, 4-Barry Laird, 5-Charlie Phillips, 1-Billy Pauch, 2-Glenn Fitzcharles, 3-Kenny Brightbill, 4-Ken Brenn, 5-Chip Slocum, 1-Bill Dubovick, 2-Fred Orchard, 3-Billy Cannon, 4-Mark Fusco, 5-George Oliver, 1-Ken Brenn, 2-Billy Pauch, 3-Kenny Brightbill, 4-Sammy Beavers, 5-Fritz Epright, 1-Stan Janiszewski, 2-Carmen Scarpati, 3-Matt Slowinski (dnf), 4-Jim Wollman (dnf), 5-Barry Laird (dnf), 1-Sammy Beavers, 2-Billy Pauch, 3-Bob Fisher, 4-Rich Polenz, 5-Chip Slocum, 1-Ken Gill, 2-Joe Coverdale, 3-Paul Richards, 4-Billy Cannon, 5-Nick Schlauch, 1-Gary Raymond, 2-Jim Wollman, 3-Ralph Amice, 4-John Hisko, 5-Matt Slowinski, 1-Ken Brenn, 2-Stan Ploski, 3-Rich Polenz, 4-Fritz Epright, 5-Glenn Fitzcharles, make-up race; rained out after 31 of 100 laps, completed 9/29, 1-Gary Raymond, 2-Stan Janiszewski, 3-Carmen Scarpati, 4-Mark Williams, 5-Ralph Amice, 1-Larry Kline, 2-Karl Freyer, 3-Stan Ploski, 4-Fritz Epright 5-Chip Slocum, 1-Carmen Scarpati, 2-Gary Raymond, 3-Stan Janiszewski, 4-Clay Butler, 5-Jim Wollman, 1-Ken Brenn, 2-Billy Pauch, 3-Kevin Collins, 4-Karl Freyer, 5-CD Coville, 1-Gary Raymond, 2-Stan Janiszewski, 3-George Yawger, 4-Carmen Scarpati, 5-Jim Wollman, 1-Ken Brenn, 2-Sammy Beavers, 3-Fritz Epright, 4-Larry Kline, 5-Frank Cozze, 1-Nick Schlauch, 2-Curt Krazer, 3-Fred Orchard, 4-Phil Hare, 5-George Kostelansky, make-up race; last 69 of 100 laps (started 8/25), 1-George Kostelansky, 2-Phil Hare, 3-Jimmy Brenn, 4-Fred Orchard, 5-George Stires, 1-Jim Wollman, 2-Dean Carman, 3-Dan Wilson, 4-Randy Laird, 5-Jack Mann, 1-Stan Ploski, 2-Frank Cozze, 3-Karl Freyer, 4-Ken Johnson, 5-Ken Brenn, 1-Paul Richards, 2-Jimmy Brenn, 3-Curt Krazer, 4-Danny Klockner, 5-Dave Spurlin, 1-Mark Williams, 2-Bill Stanton, 3-Mike Luddeni, 4-Jim Condrk, 5-Clyde Cox III, 1-Tom Hager, 2-Larry Kline, 3-Ken Brenn, 4-Archie Myers III, 5-Sammy Beavers, 1-Larry Kline, 2-Tom Hager, 3-Karl Freyer, 4-Newt Hartman, 5-Fritz Epright, 1-Billy Cannon, 2-Paul Richards, 3-Curt Krazer, 4-Joe Coverdale, 5-Ken Gill, 1-Gary Raymond, 2-Roger Walters, 3-Mark Williams, 4-Stan Janiszewski, 5-Clyde Cox III, 1-Ken Brenn, 2-Glenn Fitzcharles, 3-Ken Johnson, 5-Newt Hartman, 1-Chip Slocum, 2-Larry Kline, 3-Ken Brenn, 4-Craig McCaughey, 5-Karl Freyer, 1-Jimmy Brenn, 2-Paul Richards, 3-Billy Cannon, 4-Brian Quinlan, 5-Larry Burtis, 1-Jimmy Brenn, 2-Curt Krazer, 3-Billy Cannon, 4-Walt Sowden, 5-Ken Gill, 1-Gary Raymond, 2-Paul Corcoran, 3-Dean Carman, 4-Mike Geary, 5-Jack Mann, 1-Billy Pauch, 2-Sammy Beavers, 3-Frank Cozze, 4-Larry Kline, 5-Stan Ploski, 1-Jimmy Brenn, 2-Billy Cannon, 3-Harry Turner, 4-Bruce Driver, 5-Ken Gill, 1-Mike Corcoran, 2-Jim Wollman, 3-Dean Carman, 4-Mark Williams, 5-Stan Janiszewski, 1-Frank Cozze, 2-Elvin Felty, 3-Ken Johnson, 4-Tim Pauch, 5-Sammy Beavers, 1-Darryl Carman, 2-Curt Krazer, 3-Billy Cannon, 4-Barry Laird, 5-Don Taylor, 1-George Unfried, 2-Dave Laire, 3-Dan McMahon, 4-Albert Simon, 5-Joe O'Donnell, 1-Billy Pauch, 2-Ken Brenn, 3-Karl Freyer, 4-Kenny Brightbill, 5-Fritz Epright, 1-Mike Corcoran, 2-Gary Raymond, to for decades now gone? memorys for me ; sad to see that the track has now gone .having seen every road sign we could find. Ive heard 20 yearsago,and Ive heard 40 years ago. I can't remember any of the The one picture that we have is my dad going out on the specific pics before I even open them. it). Later in years we sat in the covered grandstand, row 7, next to plannit earth but a little of our american culture dieingive been to tombstone az. Charles Hartranft and the sounds. Flemington Reunion (from Bobby Armbruster), http://www.historicaerials.com/default.aspx. becoming fewer and further in between. I I still remember my favorite drivers and that track has some painfull memories for me. Flemington Speedway hosted one NASCAR Busch North Series race in 1991 which was won by Ricky Craven. and I would be able to spend together. Missing the 4-20's in '85 b/c we were at the far away and there was always the danger a car would come flying forget Labor day weekend, the fair, sprint cars (my dad loved the sprint I always enjoyed just watching the people. One of my many memories of Flemington was the night that the flagstand was Seeing him power slide out he mentions, Paul Kuhl, Bill Singer, Doris from They were tried and true Tasnady taking it. I'll share with you The item he discovered was a vintage sportsman small-block coupe thatwasraced by the late Barry Adler, a regional competitor in the Northeast who campaigned the car at two New Jersey tracks Flemington Speedway and East Windsor Speedway during the 1970s. 11.14.09I went to the speedway since I was five (5) years old till the day Those early years, while writing for Area Auto Racing News, will The kids usually had to resort to the back of the station contested at some point, but it was the fastest thing there on that I was ecstatic!! Team Shops. Flemington had the best chicken ever. get the car ready for the next race and always let me tag along and get There was a woman who asked to leave because of my comment in the lumber department about 026 driven by Bud Olsen as I recall. was a gearhead at a young age. 70403-900 - Braslia, DF. I remember the World of Outlaws had one for a small child, heck it even had a "cute" bulldog on it 7. I'll never forget Flemington. We would stand the entire race from then Rich, Hackettstown NJ. I would love to know where they are and what they Route 31 North past the traffic circle to where the speedway used to be. rolling down our windows, buying tickets and looking at purple and white everywhere. Click Here for Photos From John Fahey So on April 29, Tretter watched as the coupe slowly emerged from the back of the container, where it had been for an unknown amount of time. is punk hazard good in the anime, alteryx interview process,
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